Vote Tim Butler November 7

Elect Tim Butler for Loveland City Council


Tim's Positions


City Council and City Government should be open and transparent.  City Council needs to regain the trust and confidence of the citizens of Loveland.  If elected, my positions and votes will be an open book. I will listen to the positions of Loveland residents on any matter. While I may not agree with the position of a citizen or citizen group, you can be confident I will hear you out. 


It has been more than 17 years since the Charter has been reviewed.  If elected, I will request City Council to create a Charter Review committee, including membership of Council, the City Law Director, outside experts and, most important, local community members with experience in local municipal government. 

Provide regular updates to public and Council on Charter review progress.

Provide ‘Town Hall’ opportunities for the public to participate and to contribute ideas to Charter review process.

As review is completed, consider whether public vote is appropriate on significant Charter review proposals.

Public-Private Partnerships

Enhance relationship between City Council/Government and local businesses.

Invite local business representatives to Council meetings to discuss ways in which City could enhance infrastructure or otherwise improve business conditions.

Enhance relationship between City Council and local Education representatives, including the Loveland School system, St. Columban, St. Margaret of York, and other private institutions. 

Downtown Improvements

Solicit public input and expertise for consideration of traffic options.

Encourage development of downtown properties while maintaining historic characteristics of Loveland as railroad/river town. 

City Hall

Identify office needs of City Government and decide whether present City Hall meets those immediate needs and the needs of next generation. 

Create City Hall review team to consider options for renovation or rebuild of City Hall.

Provide public opportunities to contribute ideas and potential solutions to City Hall rebuild or renovation. 

Master Plan 

The old saying is that failing to plan is the same as planning to fail.  As a member of Loveland City Council I commit to drive the development of a Master Plan which outlines a vision for the City of Loveland.  I will invite the community to participate in the development of this Plan.  We have significant expertise in our City upon which we can call. 

The Plan should include objectives for the following:

Residential and Commercial Development with appropriate zoning and appearance requirements;

Infrastructure, including road improvements, sewage, parks, scenic improvements, and – very important – downtown parking;

What level of City services are anticipated and required.  This includes Police, Fire, services, and what is the future look of City Hall;

A Financial roadmap of anticipated revenues and expenses, TIF status and debt reduction. 

An effective 5-year Master Plan will provide the roadmap for the Loveland of today and tomorrow. 

Bike Path and Nisbet Park

The Bike Path and Nisbet Park are the crown jewels of downtown Loveland.  City Council should drive events to these locations and welcome local and outside groups to the area. 

Continue studying parking and consider establishing satellite parking areas, especially for cyclists who will be in the downtown area for longer than one hour.

Study establishment of signage and/or dual bike path lanes, especially in the downtown area, to relieve congestion between cyclists and pedestrians and minimize potential for accidents. 


While downtown is critical to the success of Loveland, equally important are the many neighborhoods where most of Loveland residents live. If elected, I will request Council to conduct occasional meetings at neighborhood locations and invite neighborhood representatives to address Council on a periodic basis to discuss areas in which Council and City Government can improve their neighborhoods.

Extend development opportunities and Council attention to the Loveland-Madeira corridor and identify areas in which public-private partnership may be able to jump-start some of those areas. 

Establish road-improvement subcommittee and solicit private input and expertise about budgeting and completing road improvements. 

Special Events

Identify ways in which City can partner with private parties, including Little Miami River Chamber, to conduct and host special events such as 4th of July and Christmas in Loveland.

Identify other special events that could drive participation in downtown, Nisbet Park, and the Bike Path area. 



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